Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Fate of big cat mystery hangs in balance

The fate of the Yarra Ranges' mysterious big cat hangs in the balance as State Government researchers look into whether the stories are true, according to the Lilydale and Yarra Valley Leader.

This follows numerous reports of big cat sightings and will fulfill a pre-election promise from Nationals' leader Peter Ryan, who said there were enough credible observations to warrant an investigation.

Victorian Agriculture and Food Security Minister Peter Walsh said the big cat study would review literature, reports, correspondence and other evidence. It will also talk to those who say they have seen a big cat in Victoria.

The Department of Sustainability and Environment has directed the Arthur Rylah Institute to conduct a statewide investigation into the big cat mystery.

Evelyn state Liberal MP Christine Fyffe said a big cat would be handled like any other wild animal. She said any non-native animal found attacking livestock would be killed.

Toolangi naturalist Bernie Mace, who has researched big cat sightings for more than 30 years, is among those contacted by State Government researchers. He said the first step was to ascertain if there were big cats, and then how to manage them.


Iain Harrison writes:
Posted on 5 Sep 12 at 02:47pm

What a waste of scarce government funds. We have schools falling to pieces, hospitals that can't utilise all of their beds, TAFE funding slashed & much more. This is just a distraction from real issues!

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