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Book review: Yowie Tales 1

by Mike Williams

UPDATE: The reason Mr Green did not answer any questions is because he had "borrowed" the photos he claimed he had captured. Typically unapologetic, Green has now withdrawn the book and is no longer involved in any form of research. The "borrowed" photos and other Green "accidents" are listed here.

Queensland writer Brett Green's book 'Yowie Tales' has just been published, and there are more than a few surprises contained within it.

I found the stories and reports by eyewitnesses really interesting and look forward to the second book by Brett.

The two images purportedly of yowies, if proven to be real one day, could be some of the most important secondary evidence of unusual creatures ever recorded!

The Queensland area that Brett concentrates on in his book surpasses, in many ways, the Blue Mountains of NSW, which has been promoted for many years now as a Yowie 'hot spot'. 

'Yowie Tales' is a definite 'must have' for any cryptozoology enthusiast in Australia. 
Those interested in Bigfoot-type phenomena will be equally enthralled by tales of strange encounters in the Australian bush.

I recently corresponded with Brett by email and sent a list of questions. 

Brett decided to respond to all my questions listed below with this single response:

"Under legal advice, the author has been advised not to make any comment on any unreliable or approved Internet source to any person not duly authorised while a current situation is being investigated."

The Questions

1. In the book sales post on AYR you stated the photos were "verified"
All I am going to say is that the cover image was taken from a genuine photograph from 1998; verified; and has been kept under "wraps"since then along with 3 others.
Which person/group examined and "verified" the photo? And how did they verify the photo?

2. On the Australian Yowie Research board we were told there were four photos in total.
In the book we are told "...sadly when the photographs were developed, six were clear, five were blurred." How many clear, unedited photos were there. Four or six?

3. Where are the five blurred photos?

4. Is their anyone who sighted the original negatives that we are able contact?

5. The photos and negatives are very important secondary evidence of unknown creatures.
Were the original photos/negatives ever shown to scientists/anthropologists etc that can be contacted?

6. The "raid" occurred on January 23-2012 "...duly demanded entrance entrance to the authors workplace and confiscated all research files, photographs, negatives, CD and DVD records..." 
Did you have in your possession, at your workplace, the complete roll of negatives of the yowies before the raid?

7. Did the "government departmental staff" remove the complete roll of negatives of the yowies?

8. Regarding the first photo described in the book, the two males, there is this description:
Then out of nowhere, two creatures appeared on top of the rocky waterfall ledges near a fig tree in a fighting mode as they stood with their backs towards me and facing(or gesturing to other invisible entities in the far tree line ahead ( I was around 100 feet up the hill from them with the road in between, I snapped some hurried snapshots without thinking then they disappeared.
This photo (not released yet, but discussed in the book) was shown to me. This interesting photo shows two creatures level with the photographer. The current description of any elevation above the creatures is impossible. Can the author please explain this?

9. Over the last 14 years since the incident, has the author had time to re-create the original photos at the location?

10. On page 113 "some of the 'illustrations' officialdom did not want anyone to see".
Why would a government department not want the photos to be seen, but allow you to use the photos, so that people can see them?

12. The original interview with AYR is below.
The original story was five witnesses and no photos.
"It was at this location where Brett and 4 friends had witnessed first hand the power of the Yowie in a freak incident while bush walking 3 years ago... Brett went through the story stage by stage, pointing out the exact places and what was viewed... It was a most incredible and amazing story with the names of all the people involved as back up of the encounter."
The next version of the story in 'Yowie Tales' is one witness and photos. Can the author please explain this?

13. The author has been a Justice of the Peace for over 40+ years. With your legal background, are you claiming that you handed over your entire life's work and forgot to ask the two government staff for a copy of the search warrant, forgot to ask them where the police were to serve the warrant, forgot to ring the police and demand these people leave your property, forgot to ask the two government staff for identification for you to record, forgot to ask them for receipts for items seized, and forgot to write down their car registration?

14. If you have handed over your life's work to two frauds, who were not government employees, how could they have possibly known that you knew absolutely nothing about the law (even less than Joe Citizen) and would merely hand over your life's work? They essentially were risking jail time by impersonating government officials while carrying out an illegal raid with fraudulent documentation.
Can the author please explain this?

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  1. That picture on the front of the book looks really familiar but I can't place where I've seen it before, maybe in this book...
    Unfortunately,I don't have a copy to hand to check (got it from the library).



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