Wednesday, 7 March 2012

On the Track of Unknown Animals - Episode 55

It's On The Track time again (well, actually we're a little behind in sharing it - this ep actually came out last week!). Jon and the CFZ have put together another entertaining and educational episode of the cryptozoological world's favourite monthly program.

This episode brings you:

  • CFZ in spring
  • Waders on Northam Burrows: Shelduck/redshanks/dunlin/curlew/whimbrel
  • Starling flocks
  • Great ape prints
  • Orang pendek research
  • The mammoth hoax
  • The Iceland wurm,
  • mystery tracks,
  • CFZ at Batnstaple Museum
  • Chupacabras that isn't
  • Playing with chainsaws
  • frogspawn
  • The ditches of Huddisford
  • Corinna looks at out of place birds
  • New and Rediscovered: New chameleon
  • New and Rediscovered: New seasnake
  • New and Rediscovered: New bat
  • New and Rediscovered: New caecilians
  • New and Rediscovered: New moth
  • New and Rediscovered: New lizard
  • Searching for Lars' wife
  • WW2012
  • Fortean Fiction
  • Journal of Cryptozoology

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