Monday, 5 March 2012

Another panther sighting in Yarra Ranges

Another Yarra Ranges big cat story has popped up in the Free Press...

You may recall a recent sighting mentioned on this blog.

The elusive black puma whose various sightings have mystified residents has again been spotted roaming in Yarra Ranges.

This time Millgrove resident Kym Burton, pictured, saw the big cat, which she said looked like a panther, strutting along Warburton Highway towards Seville.

Ms Burton was driving along the deserted road at 2am on February 6 when she noticed a big black cat walking along the road side.

“I was coming around the bend and I saw a great big black panther on the side,” Ms Burton said.

She said the cat reached the height of the bottom of her car window and she noticed its big yellow eyes when she flashed her high beams to get a better look.

Ms Burton’s sighting is the latest in a series of reports of large cats or pumas over the past 50 years.

The Australian Rare Fauna Research Association reports manager Dorothy Williams said the organisation had received thousands of reports of big cat sightings.

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  1. 24/12/2015 approximately 7:30 pm, definitely saw a large black cat stalking through neighbour's trees. My opinion is: too big for a cat, nothing like a dog. This animal was moving with stealth, some rabbits remained frozen to the spot, others were scampering at pace as rabbits do. I remembered stories from the late 70's regarding escaped circus animals & pictures from those times. This could quite easily be offspring.



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