Thursday, 10 November 2011

Big cat or little cat? Debate rages on in NT

In NSW a government dept came up with this ID chart to help witnesses gauge the right
size and shape of their mystery animal.
Rumours are rife in the wake of several sightings of a lion in the Northern Territory!

One of the theories doing the rounds is that the lion is real and was being kept illegally by a Territorian obsessed with big cats. The man, so the story goes, has been trying to buy a lion for a few years.

He even had talks with the NT Parks and Wildlife on what was required to keep a potentially man-eating animal in captivity in the Territory. The man also allegedly made inquiries about buying a lion in New South Wales and Western Australia.

The NT News reports his home in NSW was raided by State National Parks officers after a tip-off that he was keeping endangered animals. The inspectors found a lonesome Tasmanian devil.

An impeccably informed source told the NT News: "Apparently, the word was that he had a Tasmanian tiger. Well, that would have been interesting - they went extinct in the 1930s."

A major theme park believes the man may have obtained a big cat from WA, and kept it in a paddock at Humpty Doo. The impeccably informed source said: "A lion's roar can be heard kilometres away."

Curiouser and curiouser!

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