Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Giant croc caught in the Phillipines

A crocodile measuring a whopping 21 feet and weighing 2,370 pounds has been captured alive in the Philippines.

The male reptile was caught after a 21-day hunt in the southern province of Agusan del Sur, Nine MSN reports. Wildlife officers had set traps after residents reported a series of attacks in the area. 

A young girl disappeared in the area in 2010, although it is not known if the trapped crocodile was responsible. The saltwater crocodile may also have eaten a farmer who went missing in July, along with several water buffaloes in the southern town of Bunawan, crocodile hunter Rollie Sumiller reportedly said.

Villagers remain wary of several crocodiles that roam the outskirts of the farming town of about 37,000 people.

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