Thursday, 1 September 2011

From the archives: A Venerable Cockatoo (1916)

Meet Cocky Bennett - a cockatoo by birth but cocky by nature, and once a popular pub fixture at the Sea Breeze Hotel at Tom Ugly's Point in Blakehurst, Sydney, Australia.

The featherless bird with the abnormally long beak is rumoured to be Australia's most long-lived bird, falling off his perch at the impressive age of 120!

Cockatoos normally live for up to 80 years, but it is not unknown for them to kick on a bit longer, but not by much.

He was frequently heard to croak "one feather more and I'll fly" and "one at a time, gentlemen, please" when he was harassed by other birds, according to the Sydney Morning Herald, which ran the following obituary when Cocky finally flew off to the great tree in the sky:

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