Tuesday, 13 September 2011

A BIG thank you to our supporters...

We'd be remiss if we failed to mention three very important people who have kicked in to help us on our Sumatra expedition.

David Hearder and Joy Williams have generously supported the purchase of game cameras for the expedition, and I hope for their sake and ours we capture something of interest on what has become a staple part of every 21st century cryptozoological adventurer's toolkit.

And a big thank you to our good friend and author Paul Cropper, who has supplied us with some quite spectacular kit to ensure we don't get Typhoid or any other waterborne nasties, and have a hotline to the modern-day equivalent of the Thunderbirds should we hit a patch of strife.

Thank you to David, Joy and Paul, and also to anyone else who has purchased a CFZ t-shirt, kicked in some dollars for a game camera or visited one of our sponsors through this page. It all helps!

Stay tuned for updates...

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