Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Snakes alive! Man-eating reptiles online

WARNING: graphic images follow!

My brother-in-law thoughtfully sent an email to me today with the following pictures, accompanied by text warning me to "never fall asleep or get drunk in the jungle!".

If this is what can happen, duly noted!

But seriously, do these pictures genuinely show a human corpse inside a large snake? Or is it merely a clever photoshop chop job? And what's more, can giant snakes really eat people? The jury seems to be out on the last question...

I'm not 100% sure, but these photos look like they could be of a Reticulated Python, a native of several Asian countries (including Sumatra/Indonesia, hence why I was sent the email) a species rather fond of constricting their prey until dead.

And just because we're on a 'snake eats man' roll, check out these pictures from the general same neck of the woods. These ones have been deemed fake by some quarters, but no one has been able to entirely rule out the story told by these pictures...

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