Friday, 22 July 2011

New from CFZ Press: Mystery Animals of Gloucestershire...

This latest offering from CFZ Press looks promising - it's the latest in a series of regional British cryptozoology texts exploring the nation's mystery animals, this one authored by Dr Paul Williams (no relation to Matt or Mike!).

Dr Williams is also the author of Howls of Imagination (Heart of Albion Press), which explores the demonisation of wolves and reveals how folklore and myth can create and sustain misleading ideas while simultaneously offering a more factual understanding of this iconic animal of the wilderness.

Author Nick Redfern reviewed that book and wrote: "Howls of Imagination is a superb study of the fact, the fiction, the legend, and the mythology surrounding that most mysterious of creatures: the wolf.

"Howls of Imagination was probably one of my most enjoyable reads of this year so far; and I can say for certain that in this concise-yet-packed [107]-page book, the author has revealed a wealth of hidden knowledge on this majestic beast, dispelled some myths, answered a lot of questions, and offered a rich body of data that is diverse, eye-opening, mysterious and magical in equal measures."

Dr Williams completed a PhD thesis on wolves in folklore in 2004 at Sheffield University. His short fiction and poetry has been published in magazines and anthologies such as Focus and Roadworks.

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