Thursday, 28 July 2011

Golden Bowerbird hovers on the edge of extinction

Australia’s Golden Bowerbird is at risk of becoming extinct. This tiny yet magnificent creature is the world’s smallest Golden Bowerbird and it is found only on the mountain tops of the sub-tropical rainforests of Queensland. 

The shift in climate indicates that the habitat of the Golden Bowerbird is at threat, this is forcing the bird to search for home higher up in the mountains and if this keeps up and the habitat keeps shrinking, a day will come when they will have no place to go.

Queensland ecologists could save the Golden Bowerbird and many other species from the climate change because of their pioneering framework. 

Eve MacDonald-Madden of CSIRO Ecosystems Sciences and University of Queensland headed a team of researchers and came up with a mathematical framework which will choose the best time for relocating the endangered species to places with more suitable climates. 

She said that based on this framework, we will be able to determine the ideal time for moving these species to southeast Queensland from the tropical areas of Queensland. The reason for this is that due to the warming of the climate, southeast Queensland will be more like the tropics of Queensland thus these species have a better way of surviving over there. 

Timing is highly important when it comes to relocating these animals. If they are moved early, then there is a possibility that conservation resources might be wasted on such species which could have adapted to the climate change naturally.

On the other hand if it is delayed, then there is a risk of extinction for the species. 

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