Friday, 10 June 2011

Yowie Port anyone?

Now this looks like a tasty drop!

At the Hunting Lodge Estate in Kilcoy, they've made the most of the area's association with Australia's favourite hairy hominid by naming some plonk in its honour - and at $20 a bottle it seems a reasonably priced souvenir for cryptid fans.

We're not too sure about the promises made of the muscat-malbec mix in the tasting notes: "Drink a bottle and see a Yowie. Sweet and morish. This is a great fortified on any occassion. The Yowie statue in the Kilcoy Park is famous for loosing its bits occassionally. Ask some of the local about the Yowie and there is always someone who saw it somewhere. We have a poem that is great entertainment about the history of the Kilcoy Yowie."

Kilcoy is a small farming community in south-east Queensland.

For those unfamiliar with Kilcoy's most famous claim to fame, on December 28, 1979 two school boys created national headlines by claiming to have seen the elusive Yowie at Sandy Creek, four kilometres north of Kilcoy.

Today a wooden statue commemorates the sighting and draws plenty of curious tourists.

The statue graces Yowie Park, and nearby the local football team, The Yowies (naturally), do their Cro-Magnon best to beat the out-of-towners at God's game.

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