Thursday, 30 June 2011

Bunyip or Yowie? The hunt is on in Richmond Vale

Here's a bit of school holiday fun...

Richmond Vale Railway Museum volunteers continue to report strange sounds and the feeling of being watched. One or two volunteers have even suggested that there is a bunyip or a yowie living near the drainage pond or maybe Browns dam or the forest around the former Hunter Valley NSW colliery.

Well-known yowie mythologist Hummer M. Brainslow has confirmed that the area is suitable habitat for these creatures and has asked that a search be undertaken (for scientific purposes of course!).

To resolve this matter and to get the frightened volunteers back to work, the board of the RVRM has decided to organise a hunt for this creature. To maximise the chance of a favourable result a reward of $25 will be offered to the two most successful parent and child teams

Children are a must because [as professor Brainslow pointed out] their eyes are better attuned to see such creatures especially at night.

The hunt will take place at the Richmond Main and Pelaw Main Colliery sites in July 2011 school holidays on Friday 8th July. Intending participants should be onsite ready for a briefing session from the mythologist and head yowie tracker at 8.30pm at the mining museum at the former Richmond Main Colliery administration building.

Tickets must be pre-purchased.


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