Friday, 24 June 2011

Blobmonster washes up on Chinese beach

Our thanks to David Hearder for sending this one in:

At 17m long, there's no way anyone could miss the dead creature that washed up on a beach, much to the amazement of locals.

Reports from around the world said the decaying remains of the "giant fish" had attracted many onlookers to the beach shore in Guangdong, China, since it was found on April 25.

The "mysterious" creature had become entangled in fishing net. Theories circulated quickly that the "fish" had been caught by fishermen, but dumped because of its weight.

Reports said the decomposing body had made it difficult for experts to identify the creature, which weighs an estimated five tonnes.

Three international marine biology experts had been shown a photograph of the creature by science news source Live Science.

All believed the "sea monster" was a whale; perhaps a fin whale or a bryde's whale.

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