Thursday, 12 May 2011

New from CFZ Press - May 2011

CFZ Press has a couple of interesting new titles out. The Inhumanoids by B.M. Nunnelly looks intriguing and not only features a ripping cover, but a foreword from prolific writer Nick Redfern.

It sounds like an exciting book, possibly following in the footsteps of tomes such as The A-Z of Zooform Phenomena. Another one for the shopping list!

And now a short blurb about The Inhumanoids: "Since the dawn of time man has encountered such creatures, which simply cannot be explained away using conventional zoological science.

"Inhumanoids are creatures or entities that have some type of human characteristic but are not human at all. Even though they sometimes appear as 'less than human' they are quite beyond the normal sense of the word and possess a troubling array of supernatural powers to prove the point!

"Some are true 'bi-forms', curious anthropomorphic mixtures of human and animals, while others manifest themselves in guises that one might pass by on the street and never give a second glance. 

"From the smallest fairy to the tallest giant and every form in between, these inhumanoid beings, in all their myriad forms, have been with us since the beginnings of recorded history and beyond. Every culture knows the inhumanoids quite well."

Next up is I Fort the Lore by Paul Screeton. CFZ Press publisher Jon Downes writes: "Fortean authors are a rare and vanishing breed. They often write about a wide range of peculiar and arcane subjects, and in 2010 Fortean Words started a series of books anthologising those writers we believe to be the most important Forteans writing today. 

"Each of the authors we chose didn't let us down; the books which they presented us contain a rich and heavy brew and are often not for the faint hearted. But who said anything in life was going to be easy, eh? Enter at your peril, but when you do - enjoy!" 

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