Friday, 20 May 2011

Is this the Macarthur Panther?

Right on cue we have our first 'panther' sighting for the colder months in Australia, right from Sydney's south-western fringe. Is this "a ^%$#@! leopard?!" as the bike rider exclaims? It's nigh on impossible to tell - see for yourself - but it's intriguing nonetheless! More information as it comes to hand...

And here's some additional food for thought: in October 2008, two Nattai bushwalkers discovered large paw prints in the Burragorang Valley they believed could belong to the Macarthur panther.

Photographed in September 2008 by Gavin Noakes and friend Rick Inskip - and later submitted to their local paper, the Macarthur Chronicle - the paw prints measured 12cm to 15cm wide, a “bit larger than a man’s fist”.

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