Sunday, 13 March 2011

Update: Sumatra camera drive

Have you always wanted to somehow be involved in one of the Centre for Fortean Zoology's expeditions?

Well, now is your chance - from the comfort of your home you can support this year's 2011 Sumatra expedition by sponsoring a trail camera (also known as a 'game camera').

CFZ member Glen Vaudrey is leading the charge over at CFZ HQ in the sponsorship department with our new mascot 'Trevor the Trail Cam' (pictured above).

"It has long been established that photographic evidence is one of the many ways that proof of the existence of a cryptid can be confirmed. Whilst the CFZ has had an impressive record at recovering hair samples there has, until now, been a lack of photographic evidence of any of the cryptids. It soon became apparent that the quest to discover mystery animals would be aided with trail cams." Glen writes.

For approximately A$158 (aka £100) you can help the CFZ place a trail camera in the field.

For further information, if you're in the UK, contact Glen at or tel 0161 777 6586.

Otherwise direct donations can be made via PayPal to

Anyone wishing to donate physical trail cams only (at the Australian end) can email Rebecca or Mike at

We will identify and thank sponsors on this blog.

This could be our best chance yet to capture something truly extraordinary in the field!

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