Friday, 18 March 2011

Feral cats the size of dogs? Or a beat-up?


I can't tell you how excited we were yesterday to hear a story about feral cats "the size of dogs" running around a Brisbane suburb molesting pets and little old ladies.

That is, until we saw the size of the dog they appeared to be comparing the "big cats" to - a five-month-old fox terrier!

Perhaps it's just sloppy reporting and they left out the really good bits, but on the face of it the size of the cats in question appears to be a beat-up.

Ironically scores of reports come in every year of ACTUAL dog-sized cats and bigger - commonly described as 'panthers' - that are believed to be responsible for killing sheep, injuring cattle, and killing/maiming other dogs and domestic it's disappointing that a story like this will only draw ridicule and foster complacency about our real big feral cat problem.

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