Friday, 28 January 2011

Weird Weekend 2011


Yes, it's not far off - one of the UK's top Fortean events of the year - the CFZ's Weird Weekend!

This year's line-up so far includes:

Raheel Mughal: The mystery animals of Pakistan
John Hanson/Dawn Holloway: The Haunted Skies project
Glen Vaudrey: The Waterhorse
Paul Vella: Changing perception of UFOs
Max Blake/Dr Darren Naish: The new British Lynx
Henry Hartley: Fortean aspects of the modern Maya
Nick Wadham: Giant spiders

Richard Freeman et al: The India Expedition report
Jeremy Harte: TBA
Ronan Coghlan: TBA

More speakers will be announced in the next few weeks. However, we can announce that once again the children's area is being run by Clan Curtis from Seaham-on-Sea, and the animal handling will once again feature Bugfest from Yeovil (highly recommended for anyone who has ever felt the yen to stroke a tarantula!).

Advance tickets are only a recession-busting £20 a pop, so buy yours now!

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