Friday, 24 December 2010

Breaking news: Santa abducted by yowie!

>>> CFZ Australia has received a report of a fat man in a red suit running into trouble west of Sydney in the Blue Mountains, a notorious Yowie hotspot.

Santa Claus, 155, of the North Pole, was sleigh-jacked in the early hours of this morning as he commenced his Southern Hemisphere run across the island continent of Australia.

It is believed Mr Claus encountered the Yowie when he visited a rest stop to water his six reindeer and pick up a slushy drink from a Caltex service station.

The fat man was last seen being taken into nearby dense bushland. His abduction automatically activated his reindeer-led sleigh's auto-pilot, which has since returned to the North Pole.

"The hairy man came out of nowhere," service station owner Bruce Ocker said. "The fat guy didn't stand a chance!" 

Police have launched a massive monster hunt, but are pessimistic about their chances of finding Mr Claus before December 25. <<<

Merry Christmas!

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