Monday, 29 November 2010

Wildmen of South-East Asia

Dale Drinnon has an excellent write-up on the wildmen of SE Asia this week over at the CFZ UK blog.

It seems that generally there is a larger and a smaller type of 'Wildman' throughout Southeast Asia, and they both correspond to the types in India, Tibet and China as well. In other words, the 'Wildmen' of Vietnam, Cambodia and so on are contiguous with the Chinese 'Wildmen' and the Indian 'Wildmen' (Such as the ones recently sought by a CFZ expedition) Ivan Sanderson identified the larger type as the Tok and Kung-Lu in Southeast Asia, but they are the same as the Shan (and variants) in South China and North Vietnam, as well as the larger type of "Yeti", and the larger type of Chinese 'Wildman'

Read the whole thing here.

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