Sunday, 21 November 2010

Tassie Tiger a red (herring) fox?

Let us just refresh your memory...Thylacine researcher Murray McAllister's footage of a mystery animal he says is a Thylacine has captivated the world in the past week.

But opinion is divided abut whether Murray's video shows a Thylacine or a fox, but a biologist seems to have clinched the debate - he says it's a fox, and he's studied its DNA!

"In my opinion, the video clearly shows a red fox running across the paddock, not a thylacine," said Jeremy Austin, an evolutionary biologist at the University of Adelaide in South Australia.

Austin said the man who shot the video, Murray McAllister, sent him DNA samples of the supposed Thylacine for testing. The samples tested positive for red fox.

So is the end of the debate? Perhaps, but it's certainly not the end of speculation that the Thyalcine stills exists in some shadowy corner of the Australian bush.

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