Monday, 8 November 2010

Tassie Devil Road Kill Project

A project to improve reporting of Tasmanian devil roadkill incidents is being extended to involve trained community volunteers.

The Minister for Environment, Parks and Heritage, David O’Byrne said the Save the Tasmanian Devil Program Roadkill Project was "about harnessing the passion of our community to help establish the impact of roadkill on the devil population."

“Our community volunteers are from local volunteer organisations, government agencies and businesses and regularly travel Tasmania’s roads," he said.

“They will complement the reporting work already being done by the general public and specially trained Parks and Wildlife Service volunteers who became involved in the project when it started last year.”

Mr O’Byrne said the first year of the Roadkill Project proved that the Tasmanian community has a real willingness to get involved in saving the devil.

“More than 400 reports from across the State were received via reply paid forms, the website and telephone and sms messages.

“Sadly, Tasmanian devils are one of the hardest animals to see on the road at night.
“The good news is that in working to save the Tasmanian devil we are helping to protect other native animals from roadkill and the data collected informs ongoing management strategies of wild devil populations.”

The two messages of the Roadkill Project are:
  • Slow down on the roads between dusk and dawn; and
  • Report any Tasmanian devil roadkill that you see.
Mr O’Byrne encouraged road users to keep a supply of forms in their car so that when they see a roadkill devil they can complete a form and drop it into the nearest mail box.

Forms are available from outlets around Tasmania, including Service Tasmania and visitor information centres. A list of outlets is available at

The Save the Tasmanian Devil Program provides training and resources for volunteers. It is also working with to raise awareness of the impact of roadkill on wildlife and its cost to Tasmanians.

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