Monday, 15 November 2010

New Thylacine footage on Channel 9?

If the rumour is true, TONIGHT tune in to Channel 9 News to see NEW THYLACINE FOOTAGE filmed in Gippsland, Victoria.

No idea at this stage who shot it or when, but the rumour mill has been busy and I just managed to confirm with Channel 9 that it is airing tonight on the news (not ACA), but no guarantee it will air in other states outside Victoria.

So Victorians, over to you - get those VCRs primed and ready to tape.


  1. I missed it tonight, anything interesting?

  2. Here you go - see the updated video above...

  3. I recon I saw what I can only describe as Thylacine-like while driving into Bairnsdale VIC a few years ago after dark. This footage is great to see since it encourages me tnat I wasn't seeing things. Thanks!!!
    And, based on my apparent sighting and now this, the plot is getting much more interesting to me personally.



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