Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Dingo campaigner fined $40,000, gets suspended sentence

The Queensland Government is standing by the $40,000 fine and suspended sentence given to a woman who fed dingoes on Fraser Island off the state's south-east.

In the Maryborough Magistrates court, wildlife photographer Jennifer Parkhurst from Rainbow Beach pleaded guilty to 46 counts of feeding and interfering with dingoes.

Prosecutors argued some dingoes became aggressive after she fed 17 of the animals, including six puppies, over a 13-month period.

Meanwhile her supporters have engaged a legal team to try and change the dingo management laws on Fraser Island.

Save the Fraser Island Dingoes secretary Karin Kilpatrick says many of the island's dingoes are starving and she wants the State Government to conduct an urgent wildlife study to find out if the dingoes have enough natural food sources.

Over at alternative news website SOS Newsfront, they have published a scathing attack on the judgement and posted up this document, a letter from
The Wildlife Protection Association of Australia Inc's Pat O’Brien, which details the shocking state of dingoes on Fraser Island. Disturbing stuff.

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