Thursday, 14 October 2010

Mystery print puzzles farmers

Yowie, big cat or a collage of curious beast tracks - what could have left behind these mysterious prints? That's what the good folk of the Upper MacLeay are asking after a local farmer found and preserved some weird tracks he spotted on the banks of a river.

Toorooka resident Reg Wooderson found the footprint last month while working on his tractor.

“We had a big rise in the river and a lot of debris got washed down after a couple of day’s rain,” Mr Wooderson said.

“I was tidying the bank on my tractor when it just collapsed.”

Remarkably lying on top of the rubble was a set of large footprints.

“This clod just rolled out and was very noticeable.” Mr Wooderson said. “There were two footprints but one just crumbled away. It was just too much of a coincidence to be a freak of nature.”

One thing's for sure - the 'print' appears to actually be two or three overlapping prints of an animal featuring big rounded toes. Not unlike the large cat prints commonly found but...sometimes these things are too difficult to call. The mystery deepens...

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