Tuesday, 3 August 2010

A Weird Weekend in Woolsery

We're looking forward to the Weird Weekend even more than Christmas, Easter and Australia Day! (Sorry cobbers, but it's true!)

The good folk at the CFZ are working like navvies to get the place ship-shape for the hordes that will descend on the place in just over a week to listen to all matter of Fortean strangeness.

The CFZ will also host an open day for the public.

You won't find a better distraction until October, when some of these weirdies reunite in London for the annual Unconvention - but why wait until then when you can enjoy the splendour of Devon and bottle the last of summer to boot?

So if you love weirdness, forteana, big cats, crop circles, UFOs, bigfoot (the list goes on and on) buy your tickets NOW! They're selling fast! Tickets can be purchased here.

Trust us - you'll never have it so weird!

See you there!

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