Friday, 6 August 2010

Ode to the Night Parrot

What a talented Canberra trio - listen to this beautiful ode to the Night Parrot...
"Pete, Paul and Simon wrote this tune for a number of reasons; to pay homage to a beautiful and remote landscape, and to honour those hardy souls who spend days, weeks, scouring the more inaccessible parts of Australia's vast interior for this very elusive and enigmatic bird - all in order to gain some understanding of its ecology, distribution, movements, threats....snippets of information that might help it persist.

"We also wanted to capture in music and words the mystery of a bird that has been pushed to the edge of extinction and yet still occasionally surfaces in far flung parts of this arid land.

"Most of all we wished to distil the message that by gradually unravelling and diminishing the natural world we are diminishing ourselves."
Well said gentlemen - find these soulful lads here:
Find A CFZ visual and audio tribute to the Night Parrot here.

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