Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Is this the Emmaville Panther?

Is this the Emmaville Panther?

That's what the folk over at the Invasive Animal CRC are wondering, after they received these eye-popping photos of a mummified monster moggy discovered underneath a farmhouse near Canberra in the ACT.

Well, tongue-in-cheek we suspect! While we're sure they're curious as to how a domestic cat could get so big - its dried mummified husk measures @ 20 inches from nose to the base of its tail (one imagines it was a reasonably hefty beast in its prime) - we're reasonably confident they don't really believe it's the sort of 'big cat' being sighted across Australia.

But it's one bloody BIG cat - and when compared to resident CFZ moggie Otto's generous proportions, it does give one more than 'paws' for thought - even if it is only a few inches longer than your average moggie.

What tickled us was the debate over whether this crusty corpse was that of a dog or a cat. It's clearly the latter - perhaps it's time for an education campaign to help people identify everyday animals!

Left: Otto the great, living large.

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