Saturday, 17 October 2009

Thylacine sighting - Victoria, 2005

Read about an Englishman's brush with a crypto legend:

On January 17, 2005, Richard Cooper saw a thylacine in the Great Dividing Range east of Melbourne.

"It was daylight, mid-afternoon. Fifty yards ahead of me an animal crossed the track slowly. It was Golden retriever size, as clear as day, and I could see the set of impressive stripes down its back. It was a Thylacine. I felt very fortunate enough to have seen it.”


  1. Some people see ghosts. The Thylacine I seen moved through the bush without disturbing a fern, silently, swiftly disappearing out of sight, yet no more than 10mtrs away. Having never seen a ghost I have no prejudice to what a ghost actually looks like, so to me, it was a ghost.

  2. A ghost of a cryptid? Why not? Maybe it was a ghost. Or maybe they've mastered the art of moving silently.



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