Sunday, 1 November 2009

Govt harasses dingo campaigner

More than two months after government officials stormed her home and seized her possessions in a dawn raid, dingo protection campaigner Jennifer Parkhurst says she’s still in 'limbo'.
Queensland Department of Environment and Resource Management (DERM) staff seized the photographer’s camera gear, computer equipment, videos and photos in the dawn raid, which it claims was an investigation into commercial activity and illegal dingo feeding.
Ms Parkhurst has led a campaign against the state, accusing it of mismanaging Fraser Island dingoes and allowing 'out of control' rangers to illegally kill the dogs.
During the raid the state seized years of documentaries into alleged dingo mismanagement. Mr Elmes claims it was the state’s attempt to cover up wrongdoing.
Ms Parkhurst has launched numerous FOI applications into dingo deaths, and has been writing a book on Fraser Island's dingoes.
High-profile civil libertarian Terry O’Gorman said Ms Parkhurst's situation was 'unacceptable and oppressive'.

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