Friday, 16 October 2009

Dingo headed the way of the Thylacine?

The purest strain of dingo in the world could become extinct if management of their habitat, Fraser Island, doesn't change, according to Hervey Bay MP Ted Sorenson.

At least 10 dingoes have been killed on the island after attacking people.


  1. Like the Carp, the dingo has caused massive destruction to an enviroment that it was never a part of. It was brought here by fishermen from Indonesia a few thousand years ago and has caused the extinction of possibly thousands of species of animals found no-where else on Earth. One such animal was the Thylacine, an animal that evolved here for over 30 million years, now gone, thanks to the dingo- a feral dog!
    Will we be protecting Cane-toads and have Ragwort as our national flower emblem soon?

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