Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Tale of the Dead Tiger

Scientists face a mammoth task in bringing back extinct species, such as Tasmanian tigers or sabre-tooths, writes Richard Macey.

Out on the grasslands, a woolly rhinoceros grazes. Over a fence, a sabre-toothed cat stands, watching. Elsewhere, a dodo nests on the ground, while nearby a Tasmanian tiger paces through a eucalypt forest.

Beyond the enclosures, crowds of curious visitors, including ginger-haired Neanderthals, gaze in fascination.

However, unlike in Jurassic Park's cinematic wildlife reserve, there is not a dinosaur in sight.

"There's no chance of bringing back the dinosaurs but other extinct beasts could rise again," the journal New Scientist declared last week, naming its 10 top candidates for resurrection through the rapidly advancing technologies of genetics and cloning.

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