Saturday, 15 December 2007

The Truth About Australian Snakes

Ho ho ho - it's almost time for Christmas.
So let's 'cut the crap', as Neville Burns' informative DVD about Australian snakes proclaims, and introduce you to the ultimate herpetological stocking stuffer.
This is one heart-pumping mini-doco! A few of the CFZers have known Neville (and his snakes) for quite some time.
He's a well-known Australian herpetologist and bushman of many years standing, and has rubbed shoulders with everyone who's anyone in the reptile world, including the renowned Irwin clan of Steve/Australia Zoo fame.
There isn't anything Neville doesn't know about our scaly friends, and the advice he shares in this DVD could save a life.
Buy the DVD from Strictly Reptiles.


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