Thursday, 23 August 2007

McLeod's Daughters Go Cat Hunting

The scriptwriters for Blue Heelers did it, and now one of Australia's most popular soapie exports, McLeod's Daughters, has jumped on the cryptozoology bandwagon.
Last night Channel Nine aired Episode 194 — 'On The Prowl': Something is out there, killing the stock… but it’s not the only beast on the prowl as Kate unleashes the bad girl within…
Yeah yeah, well, we don't really give a rat's about Kate's 'bad girl within'. This show lost all credibility when the actual daughters of McLeod, Claire and Tess, did a bunk (well, OK, one died pretty horribly - but not at the paws of a big cat) and left the picturesque homestead.
What's interesting is that the scriptwriters have obviously been paying attention to what's been going on in the 'real world' in regards to mystery animal sightings.
Character Kate finds her horse Turbo injured and sees a dark shape run across the rear drive that looks like a big cat. Then the actors come across the carcass of a sheep in a tree!
The hunting parties are dispatched...but it seems the panther mystery is solved when Stevie and Grace shoot dead two wild dogs. However, a cow has been killed, and dragged for metres…something that dogs cannot do...

CFZ credit: Ruby Lang

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