Sunday, 15 July 2007

Report a sighting to CFZ Oz

Have you seen a strange animal in Australia or New Zealand - something unusual, rare or (allegedly) extinct? This could be anything from an eastern quoll, night parrot or a moa, to a thylacine, (mainland) Tasmanian devil or a big cat (yes, we know we're not supposed to have any of the latter left).Let CFZ Oz know by emailing us at
We're busy compiling an Australian-New Zealand database of mystery animal sightings, so no matter if your experience is old or new, we're keen to hear about it. We're especially keen to see photographs, video footage and plaster casts.

CFZ Oz Team

Friday, 13 July 2007

Prints of Darkness

CFZ Oz members recently viewed this kick-arse NZ documentary put together by the very capable Mark Orton and Pip Walls, and featuring CFZ Oz member Mike Williams. All we can say is - buy it! Either that or wait for it to screen on your TV, because that's definitely where this gem is headed. It even has its own thrashy soundtrack! Check out the website here.

CFZ Oz Credit: Ruby Lang

Mainland Tassie Devils?'s Debbie Hynes has been a busy beaver (or should that be devil?), opening up a fresh line of enquiry into mainland Tasmanian Devil sightings.
You can read about her initial findings here.

CFZ credit: Ruby Lang

Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Tassie squid 'one of the biggest'
July 11, 2007

A GIANT squid washed up dead on Tasmania's west coast is one of the biggest ever found, weighing in at 250 kilograms, with a cross-section as big as a truck tyre and longer than a station wagon. Scientists, who see it as an exciting and intriguing discovery, will take DNA and tissue samples from the sea monster before transporting it to Hobart for a post-mortem examination. Tasmanian Museum curator David Pemberton said the eight-metre long Archotheuthis is one of the biggest ever discovered. The museum's senior curator of invertebrate zoology, Genefor Walker-Smith, is heading a team of experts investigating the discovery at Ocean Beach, near Strahan. "It is a whopper,'' Ms Walker-Smith said while en route to the scene today. "The main mantle of the squid is about one metre across and its total length is about eight metres. "It's a very exciting discovery and we will be carrying out a number of tissue tests and take pictures and measurements on the animal today.''

CFZ credit: Ruby Lang


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