Monday, 28 May 2007

Warner Bros' Devil Rescue Funding

Cartoon king Warner Bros has kicked in funding to save the Tasmanian Devil from possible extinction. The feisty marsupial was the inspiration for one of the Warner Bros empire's most popular cartoon characters, Taz the Tasmanian Devil. Right now a cancerous facial tumour is decimating Tasmania's population of devils.

Tasmania's Tourism, Arts and Environment Minister Paula Wriedt said Warner Bros. had struck a deal with the Tasmanian Government to donate one Australian $ dollar - the equivalent of 82 cents - for each sale from a new series of DVDs to be released in Australia featuring the company's cartoon characters. Proceeds will be donated to a fund managed by the University of Tasmania to help the animals, Wriedt said. "This partnership will go a long way to assist in raising funds, awareness and future opportunities to ensure the survival of the Tasmanian Devil," she said.

CFZ credit: Ruby Lang

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