Thursday, 10 May 2007

WA panther sighting

Warren River, Nannup, WA
Last night on Today Tonight they ran a story with footage of large black cats. One can conclude that they do exist but at the same time remain very elusive. Just out of interest Nannup in Western Australia has reported the same sightings over the years however not much over the past few years. However my family ( wife and six children ) travelled to this area to camp at a place called the Warren River, which is about 15 Klm north of Nannup. While driving along a bush track myself and two sons saw a large black cat come onto the track in front of the 4wd, run along the track in front of the car and the turn off back into the bush. The animal was absolutely a panther-looking cat about the height of a large German Shepherd dog. Black, thick legs and tail and definitely a feline. So my account is 100% accurate and no chance it was something else. I don't know that it would still be alive today but they certainly do exist. Andrew

CFZ credit: Paul Clacher

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