Friday, 4 May 2007

Tasmanian Devils In Danger

Tasmanian Devils In Danger
Fox-Like Animals Are Being Moved To Avoid Contagious Cancer
CANBERRA, Australia, April 11, 2007

(AP) Tasmanian devils - the marsupial made famous as a snarling cartoon character named Taz - are being relocated to an island off Australia to avert their extinction by a contagious cancer. Some scientists fear the move could endanger rare birds and other animals on the island, but other experts say it is a last resort and should pose no problem since the devils are scavengers, not predators. "The path to extinction is looking pretty certain on Tasmania," said William Karesh of the New York-based Wildlife Conservation Society, who organized a workshop in Australia to help the government and biologists develop a plan to save the devils. Read more here

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