Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Reports flood in...

Here at CFZ Oz, big cat reports have been flooding in to members. We'll be uploading several here shortly. In the meantime, a reader has forwarded this to us from the Bega News.

Pauline Molony of Kinkumber on the NSW central coast has a curious request for Tathra residents. "I was in Tathra on Sunday, April 22, walking around the old Fords Headland property and saw what I think was a black panther," she wrote on our website. "Have you had any other reports of sightings in the area?
"I would be very interested to know because what I saw is only in my mind. I didn't have a camera and, besides, it was very quick.
"My two companions didn't see it as they were looking over a cliff at the time. "The animal was jet black, larger than a cat or dog, had a large tail and was very catlike in its movement.
"I couldn't think of any other animal that it may have been."
We are not aware of any stories about a panther in the area, although "Tathra" is an Aboriginal word for "place of wild cats". Ed's note: Tathra actually means 'beautiful country' according to Bega Valley Shire Council.

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