Sunday, 6 May 2007

Marsupial lions sighting?

Marsupial Lions and Thylacines, Warwick, Australia
Posted by Maddy Livingstone on April 28, 2007
When me and my family were driving back from Brisbane in Queensland, Australia about two days ago, we saw a very strange roadkill.
It was about two or three feet long and was a tawny color, with a canine shape and triangular ears. I couldn't see it's tail but it had blacky-brown stripes going down it's back.
The creature was very clearly dead, and it was found in the middle of nowhere, out in the bushy scrub forest between Warwick and Stanthorpe, two towns near the Queensland/New South Wales border. It was probably more towards Warwick than Stanthorpe, a long empty stretch of scrub. There was a lot of red soil there, rather than the Italian-like plants found near Stanthorpe. However, I was driving at night, so this may not be completely correct. It might have just been a feral cat or a dingo,but there have been several Thylacine sightings in the area, and there is a fabled creature from the area as well: The Beast of Wallamaroo, a cat-like creature that corresponds with a Marsupial Lion or a Thylacine.
Perhaps a careless driver finally killed the Beast, who knows?
Also, a friend of mine (who wishes to remain anonymous) has seen some very thylacine-like tracks on her propety, and a calf was found dead on another's. The dead calf could be the work of a dingo, but the heart was missing, and the throut was torn out.

CFZ credit: Mike Cleeland

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