Saturday, 19 May 2007

Have you seen this fugitive?

The Eastern Quoll is believed to be extinct on the Australian mainland. The last spotted marsupial carnivore of its description is believed to have been sighted near Vaucluse, Sydney in 1963 - unfortunately for it, it had been run over by a car so the specimen was added to the mammal collection at the Australian Museum.
But the story of the Eastern Quoll doesn't end there - there have been many sightings of the diminutive native in recent years, suggesting that small pockets of Eastern Quolls have survived despite man's best efforts to oust them. Most recently
Nicole Palmer in the Hawkesbury, a rural area on Sydney fringe, believes she had a run in (but not literally, luckily for the quolls) with a couple of Eastern Quolls as she drove home one morning. CFZ Australia knows the exact location were this happened, however we contacted the NPWS in that area and made them aware of the incident so hair traps could be laid to confirm their presence - and to ensure their home wasn't trampled unnecessarily by well-meaning visitors. We haven't heard back yet, but we're hopeful that a small community survives and thrives there.

CFZ credit: Ruby Lang

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