Sunday, 29 April 2007

Big cat in Warrnambool, Victoria

It was big, black and definitely a cat
March 28, 2007
LARGE cat-like footprint photographs published in The Standard earlier this month have inspired more Grampians panther-spotters to come forward.
Warrnambool couple Isobel and Arthur Peart were returning home from a Grampians holiday when they saw what they believe to be a panther on the side of the road.
``I don't care if nobody believes me - it was real,'' Mrs Peart said.
``We were driving back to Warrnambool from Halls Gap (and I saw) a black puma climbing up the (embankment) on the right-hand side of the road.''
She said the creature was just three metres from the car but when they turned around it had disappeared into the scrub.
Mrs Peart described the animal as having a shiny black coat and being lean like a greyhound. ``Its tail was a cat's tail and it was a long one,'' she said.
The Pearts immediately returned to Halls Gap to report the sighting.
``I thought people would say `oh yeah, pull the other one' (but) everybody was interested,'' Mrs Peart said. ``They said there hasn't been anything seen up here for years.''
Warrnambool man Rod Horwill took photos earlier this month of large cat-like footprints on the shore of Lake Bellfield, inspiring Mrs Peart to come forward.

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